Monday, March 23, 2020

The good, the bad, and the not so ugly!

Hi there from the headquarters of the Musical Instrument Library!

The truck is back up and running just in time for us to be ordered to shelter in place. D'oh!

HOWEVER, we are not being idle. Jason is going to offer secure, sanitary home delivery of a few items he has on hand. He has a few percussion instruments, an Oud, Mandolin, Violin, Upright Bass, Xylophone, Accordion, Melodica, Classical Silver Flute, French Horn, Electric Guitars, Tar, and a few other things. Every item is wiped down with 99% alcohol and is delivered with the utmost safety precautions for both your health and ours! Get in touch with Jason if you would like an instrument to play whilst in lockdown!

So, if you're going to be locked down and noodling on a new instrument, you'll need access to teachers who are able to teach online! Perhaps you want this anyway. In either case, we are compiling a list of musicians who are able to teach online! It's very elementary at the moment, but we hope to make it more sophisticated as we get more submissions. Please send us your info if you would like to be included on this list, or if you know someone who should be!

Also, keep your eyes open for some fun offering from Jason via Facbook Live and Zoom from jam sessions, to how-to-create-your-very-own-musical-thingamabob out of whatever whatchumacallits you have laying around the house.

We love you and we hope you are staying safe and healthy in this crazy time.

The Musical Instrument Library Team

Tuesday, December 31, 2019



May 2020 bring you all inspiration, music, community and joy.

Here's a update from all of us here at the Library!

While the truck is undergoing it's repairs, Jason and a friend will be headed to Italy to explore the possibility of an Italian branch of the Musical Instrument Library! We are hoping to create internships internationally for the local communities and travelers alike. Stay tuned for more updates on his expedition, lovingly named the World Relations Project, as Italy is just the first of many countries wherein this option will be explored.

In addition to that, Jason as acquired two new valuable team members who are helping in various capacities, including PR, and Proposal Writing. He is still in search of folks who can help with grant writing, if you know of anyone who might be interested.

Even though the truck has been down, Jason was still able to bring instruments and music workshops to some very excited and enthusiastic children in early December! The students at Knolls School in the Presidio in San Francisco were able to explore multiple instruments, learn about their origins, histories, and have a quick lesson on how to begin playing them.

The truck is still undergoing repairs. As I mentioned in our last post, this has been the ongoing project for all of 2019. Hopefully, with everyone's help, the truck will be back on it's feet in no time. If you are curious about ways you can help, please visit the contact us page and send an email or get Jason's phone number. You can also click the donate button, too - that always helps!

Until next time, have fun and stay safe!

Monday, November 18, 2019


The Musical instrument library truck is in serious danger of dying. 

After 11 months of working on it himself, using the generous donations from a lot of you a few months ago, the decision has been made to finally take it to a shop as a last resort. 

The truck goes in tomorrow morning, and it is our hope they can breathe life back into it. Go Fund Me was helpful in getting the word out, but they took a significant percentage of the donations that were sent, so we're trying again with PayPal. 

If you are able to donate and help with this last effort to save the truck, would you go to our home page and click "Donate?"

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Long overdue update!

Hi everyone!

Time for an overdue update!

Since our last entry, we've done lots of events, started a YouTube page (follow the youtube link in the upper left corner of our webpage to see some footage of what we've been up to), and most notably, we have an ongoing spot at the Sebastopol Farm Market every other Sunday, at which our next appearance will be Sunday, May 6!

This steady location allows us to do what we've wanted to do from the beginning: it enables us to give out actual official Musical Instrument Library Cards! For a small monthly donation, members can take home an instrument for two weeks, bring it back and try another!

We also now have a partnership with our friends at People's Music on Main St in Sebastopol, who will graciously take back instruments from folks who are unable to make it on market day to return their instruments.

Currently, we are flirting with various other local music shops around the Bay Area so that as we get more steady locations, we might have similar deals with them.

Coming Soon:

BREAKING NEWS: Jason will be on NPR next week!! Listen around 1pm THIS COMING Wednesday April 25 on 88.5 FM!

We are looking for volunteers to help us man the library, sign folks up for memberships, etc. As we grow, our team will need to also!

Jason and I are planning another world tour this fall! We will be looking for amazing musical events, sites, and shops worldwide to visit and see, so please let us know if you know of any can't miss musical locations, festivals, etc happening in Europe, Turkey or India this Sept, Oct, or Nov.

Also, we are looking for people who can man the library at the Sebastopol Farm Market while we are away. Please email or call us if you are interested!

Online access to sign up for memberships, track where the truck will be next, and etc!

Thank you for your continued support!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Gearing up for the party on Jan 14!

It's here! The official flyer for our party next week. 

Also, there are so many exciting prizes for the raffle, I can't even contain myself. You could win awesome hair services from Peter Thomas Hair (, a bottle of champagne from Korbel (, an awesome vintage rock poster, or our secret grand prize to be announced later. 

So come out! Dance with us, play music with us, and hang out! Admission is $5-$25 sliding scale and nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

"Fun Raising" Party Jan. 14, 2017!

Now that we are back from our travels, it's time to get this show on the road, so to speak. We will be hosting a "Fun Raising" show to raise money to get our 200+ instruments appraised and insured!

Come out, Come out wherever you are!

January 14, 2017
Toot's Tavern in Crockett, Ca

Music, Dancing, Raffles, Prizes, Silent Auction and more!

Watch this space as the details unfold...

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Around the World in 49 Days

Jason and Shannon had the privilege and honor of being able to travel abroad for 7 weeks this summer after Lark Camp. They traveled to India, Istanbul, Italy, France, Amsterdam and England. Many friends were made, many teachers were met, and they managed to limit the instruments brought home to three. Shannon returned with her very own Darbuka and Jason came home with two sitars. The traditional one will remain in his personal collection, but the Rock and Roll Sitar (donated by our friend in Goa, Rocky) will be part of the library's collection.