Tuesday, December 31, 2019



May 2020 bring you all inspiration, music, community and joy.

Here's a update from all of us here at the Library!

While the truck is undergoing it's repairs, Jason and a friend will be headed to Italy to explore the possibility of an Italian branch of the Musical Instrument Library! We are hoping to create internships internationally for the local communities and travelers alike. Stay tuned for more updates on his expedition, lovingly named the World Relations Project, as Italy is just the first of many countries wherein this option will be explored.

In addition to that, Jason as acquired two new valuable team members who are helping in various capacities, including PR, and Proposal Writing. He is still in search of folks who can help with grant writing, if you know of anyone who might be interested.

Even though the truck has been down, Jason was still able to bring instruments and music workshops to some very excited and enthusiastic children in early December! The students at Knolls School in the Presidio in San Francisco were able to explore multiple instruments, learn about their origins, histories, and have a quick lesson on how to begin playing them.

The truck is still undergoing repairs. As I mentioned in our last post, this has been the ongoing project for all of 2019. Hopefully, with everyone's help, the truck will be back on it's feet in no time. If you are curious about ways you can help, please visit the contact us page and send an email or get Jason's phone number. You can also click the donate button, too - that always helps!

Until next time, have fun and stay safe!

Monday, November 18, 2019


The Musical instrument library truck is in serious danger of dying. 

After 11 months of working on it himself, using the generous donations from a lot of you a few months ago, the decision has been made to finally take it to a shop as a last resort. 

The truck goes in tomorrow morning, and it is our hope they can breathe life back into it. Go Fund Me was helpful in getting the word out, but they took a significant percentage of the donations that were sent, so we're trying again with PayPal. 

If you are able to donate and help with this last effort to save the truck, would you go to our home page and click "Donate?" www.musicalinstrumentlibrary.com

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!